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When it came time to replace the old tank cleaning jets at Ringwood, the search was on for something that did the job better, or required less maintenance — and ideally both. Having now installed tank cleaning equipment from Scanjet, the tanks truly shine like never before.

Ringwood Brewery

Ringwood Brewery


Ringwood Brewery, located in Hampshire, on the beautiful south coast of England, just on the edge of the New Forest National Park, has been a pioneer of the British craft brewery movement ever since its beginnings in the 1970s, although brewing heritage on the Ringwood site goes back much further than that.

Ringwood brews a range of excellent ales, and (almost!) as important as the quality of the end product is the cleanliness and smooth operation of their brewing equipment. But due to the unique design of some of their tanks, maintaining the required standards was often hard work. Especially the wort-boiling tank — aka. the ‘copper’ — was subject to wort deposits sticking to the top section of the tank, which, if allowed to accumulate, could be a real challenge to clear. Also, the internal calandria (heating coils) were particularly tricky to keep clean, as they were prone to the build-up of residues.

Ringwood turned to Scanjet, known for their expertise in brewery tank cleaning, and together a solution was devised that was more than a match to Ringwood’s tank cleaning challenges.

The new system is based on the Scanjet Bio 10 four-nozzle rotary jet head, which is ideally suited for most food and beverage applications including breweries. Self-powered by the flow of the cleaning fluid, the Bio 10 rotates 360° around both its vertical and horizontal axes, thus covering all internal surfaces of the tank — as well as, uniquely, cleaning itself in the process. Capable of operating with inlet pressures of 3–10 bar and flow rates of 5–18 cubic metres per hour, the Bio 10 is flexible enough to adapt to a wide range of cleaning systems and tank sizes.

But to really leave those pesky wort residues with nowhere to hide, Ringwood installed not just one but four Bio 10s in their ‘copper’. This ensures superior cleaning performance in every part of the tank, including on all sides of the central heating unit which is a key design features of Ringwood’s ‘copper’.

The four Bio 10s mounted inside the Ringwood copper

The four Bio 10s mounted inside the Ringwood copper

Further Scanjet Bio 10 jets are installed also in the whirlpool and fermenter tanks.

An added advantage, beyond the superior cleaning performance, of the Scanjet jets is reduced maintenance and therefore improved operational efficiency.

Said Maurice Walton, the Brewing Manager at Ringwood Brewery, “Looking at the ‘copper’, it is cleaner now that it has probably ever been. And with the new jets not getting gummed up like the old ones used to, we can spend less time and effort maintaining the system, and focus that much more on getting our lovely beer out of the brewery gates.”

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